Friday, October 9, 2009

MaemoCJK on Fremantle

You definitely need the CJK input for a cool device like N900.

I thought about continuing with the original SCIM track, but I will try something new now. Here's what I'm going to experiment.

Hildon Input Method <=> Plugin <=> Ibus

The reason for the HIM plugin is that many people would like to switch back
and forth between the Default-HIM & CJK. Additionally, considering
that the Nokia browser doesn't support the preedit properly (i.e.
native SCIM/UIM won't work with the N900 Nokia browser), I thought it was better to have the CJK support as the HIM plugin.

The reason for the Ibus is that the Ibus client implementation can be
really simple. See this as an example.

The screenshot of my prototype application.

Things to do are:

1) Rewrite this python prototype in C
2) Rewrite the above in the form of the HIM Plugin
3) Ibus tweaking. Some UI related daemons may not be necessary for N900
4) UI improvement
5) Debian packaging
6) Pynin and Hangul support



  1. I don't really know what you're talking about, and I'm sorry for the sort of useless comment, but... rock on man, rock on. If you ever get something functional out, pinyin-wise ... and if I still have the cash to plop down to upgrade to an n900 at that point, and I'll paypal you 50 as a show of support. :-D

  2. Hi domaemon, I need your help to install in my Nokia N900 CJK input metod, I only need to simplified chinese imput metod but I don't know how do you...
    Sorry for my english and tank's for your attention.

  3. こんなプロジェクトを応援しています。

    dulwithe at myrealbox dot com


    追伸:HIM+Ibusは、Symbian s60 3rd Editionでも使える可能性ありますか。