Sunday, December 6, 2009

MaemoCJK screencast

MaemoCJK Screencast in the scratchbox environment.

Should work fine with the normal GTK widgets. With the custom widgets (e.g. Nokia browser), the input may not be recognized properly from time to time. The reason is obvious, but I just cannot think of any good solution to work it around at the moment.


  1. I was wondering, does your method work with Korean also?

  2. Looks great. Does it work with the on-screen keyboard?

  3. Hi great demo! Can it do Chinese via pinyin or Hangeul yet? If so, the N900 is mine!

  4. In Qt, there are event filters which allow you to intercept events being passed to another object:

    In Gtk+ (GDK more accurately), there is something similar:

    Perhaps this could help you with your problem? Note that the above links are for the original versions of Qt and Gtk, (C++ and C, respectively), and not any bindings.

  5. is your code available anywhere? github etc..